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What is Kabbalah?


Kabbalah gives us the spiritual tools to address issues. You can contact Joseph the Kabbalist from anywhere in the world. 


A common misconception about Kabbalah is that it is a denomination; it isn’t.  What Kabbalah is rather, is a way to define humanity’s relationship with the eternal, unseen world and the mortal world that we live in. Kabbalah can co-exist under the denomination of Judaism where it forms the foundations of their interpretation of the Bible and Scriptures.  Kabbalah can exist outside of Judaism though, where it only seeks to answer fundamental questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”  Once understanding and peace has come in the forms of personal answers to these questions, Kabbalah claims that as “spiritual realisation.”  As is the nature of Kabbalah beliefs, the concept of Kabbalah can mean many different things to different people.  The word literally means “to receive” which refers to receiving fulfilment in life by reaching spiritual fulfilment through seeking answers to life’s most basic questions. It 

is a life style that follows and claims a belief in Kabbalah which is all about finding fulfilment. It points out that people are nowhere near satisfied with their lives, yet  they make peace with them.  Kabbalah means to show its followers a more deep experience of happiness than the fleeting joy. Kabbalah wants to give its followers a completely new way to live life and see the world. The most basic foundation Kabbalah encourages its followers to begin to understand is that all aspects of our life-health, love, work, happiness, etc.-originate from the same stem of life. That is essentially how all life exists on the planet according to Kabbalah; each being coming from one and connected to the next. Kabbalah doesn’t want to be a church, a denomination or a force in people’s lives, it simply wants to show humans fundamental faiths and principles that, once applied, can better the life of anyone regardless of denomination. The beliefs of Kabbalah don’t aim to force or demand things from the lives or the souls of its believers, only that they try to connect with the universe and each other, encouraging one another on the quest for spiritual realisation and inner peace. Kabbalah encourages all people no matter their race, ethnicity or origins to realise that we all have a need for love, security and health at the core of our very beings and our lives are just each person’s search for these things 

While we search for these things, we also search for the meaning and understanding of our own lives and our existence. Without having at least a peace about this, Kabbalah says that we will never be fulfilled and will sense something missing in our beings.  By avidly searching out answers and cultivating a life of true fulfilment, believers in Kabbalah find their purpose and achieve their full potential. Kabbalah asserts that we all have the means and ability to find our purpose and achieve fulfilment, if we focus on the aspects of our lives, realise that everything in our lives and everything in humanity is connected, and take to heart that everyone else is on the same journey as ourselves.

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